Government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan is represented by the Private Power & Infrastructure Board. PPIB was created in 1994 to facilitate participation of private sector in the power generation in Pakistan. PPIB provides a One-Window facility to private sector investors in matters concerning establishing power projects and related infrastructure. PPIB extends the concessions referred in Power Policy 2002 to the Sponsors through Implementation Agreements.

Pakistan Power Sector Organizational Chart

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Government of the AJ&K

The Project is located in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Government of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir will be a beneficiary of Water Use Charges and owner of the Project after expiry of concession period. A separate Implementation Agreement and Water Use Agreement will be signed with Government of AJ&K for above and smoot functioning of Projet in AJ&K.

AJ&K Council

AJ&K Council has the constitutional power on subject of electricity under AJ&K constitution and will be signatory to the AJ&K IA.

The Private Power and Infrastructure Board

The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) was created in 1994 as “One Window Facilitator” to promote private sector participation in the power sector of Pakistan. PPIB facilitates investors in establishing private power projects and related infrastructure, executes Implementation Agreement (IA) with Project Sponsors and issues sovereign guarantees on behalf of Government of Pakistan.


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National Transmission & Despatch Company

National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) Limited was incorporated on 6th November, 1998 and commenced commercial operation on 24th December, 1998. It was organized to take over all the propertise, rights and assets obligations and liabilities of 220 KV and 500KV Grid Stations and Transmission Lines/Network owned by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). NTDC operates and maintains twelve 500 KV and twenty nine 220 KV Grid Stations, 5077 km of 500 KV transmission line and 7359 km of 220 KV transmission line in Pakistan.

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