Mira Power Limited recognizes that the environment protection activity is the important factor of the corporate management policy when performing the power plant construction and electricity generation activities as an Independent Power Producer, makes the environment policy as follows to establish the win-win management system accomplishing the soundness of the environment and the development of the society and applies the policy to the overall process of business activities:

  • In order to minimize the impacts on the environment, it establishes the advanced environmental system and steadily does the environment improvement activity.
  • In order for the power generation facility to harmonize with the surrounding environment, it protects and cultivates the natural environment and creates the comfortable environment by complying with all applicable national and international standards and applying the new environment technologies of advanced countries.
  • It participates in the government policy and overall activities to preserve the earth environment and makes an effort to improve the efficiency, utilize the new and renewable energy, and reduce energy.
  • It takes company’s social responsibility by setting and promoting the environmental goal to have the both sides of a corporate activity and the environment preservation achieve the mutual win-win state.
  • It makes an effort to prevent the destruction of the natural environment and create the resource circulation society by saving the resources, minimizing the waste occurrence, and maximizing the recycling.
  • It makes an effort to maintain the give-and-take principle with the regional society by supporting the regional culture events and the income increasing projects to strengthen the bond with the region surrounding a power plant.
  • It opens the environment information to the local and environment associations and actively collects and utilizes their opinions to enhance the corporate image through the transparent management.