To comply with the international environmental and social standards, the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) for the Gulpur Hydropower project has been designed in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws of land and project lenders including IFC, ADB, Korean Exim Bank and CDC/BII. ADB safeguard policies, IFC performance standards and other guidelines served as the key documents that govern the overall system. The system was based on following elements as indicated below.

The ESMS is further strengthening by management plans and procedures, designed for general and site specific activities. Following is a glimpse of some of these management plans designed specifically for the Gulpur Project.

  1. Environmental and Social Management Plan
  2. Emergency Response and Contingency Plan
  3. Biodiversity Action Plan
  4. Stakeholders Engagement Plan
  5. EHS Plan for Diversion Tunnels
  6. Fire Emergency Response Plan
  7. Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Program
  8. Muck Disposal Plan
  9. Malaria Management Plan
  10. Spill Contingency Plan
  11. Material Management and Handling Plan
  12. Traffic Management Plan
  13. Waste Management Plan
  14. Security Management Plan
  15. Community Health and Safety Plan
  16. Sediment and Erosion Management Plan
  17. Incident Investigation, Reporting and Communication Plan
  18. Emergency Evacuation Plan
  19. Employee Health Management Plan
  20. Corrective Action Plan
  21. Grievance Mechanism Plan
  22. Workers Accommodation Plan
  23. Detailed Livelihood Restoration Plan (DLRP)
  24. Stakeholders Consultation
  25. Corporate Social Responsibility Plan
  26. Corona Virus Management Plan
  27. Standard Operating Procedure for Minimum Environmental Flow
  28. Sustainable Sediment Mining Plan
  29. National Park Management Plan