Health and Safety Plan describes the actions necessary for the Project, the Company and the EPC Contractor to comply with all applicable Environmental and Social Requirements relating to occupational health and safety. This plan has been presented as part of CESMP. The plan includes:

  1. A description of potential health and safety hazards based upon the specific project works/activities;
  2. A detailed description of procedures and equipment which are technically appropriate to deal with such Project specific health and safety issues;
  3. A clear and complete description of all major responsibilities and authorities relating to the implementation of the plan;
  4. A description of the specific project supervision methods (including audits, documentation and record-keeping, on-site monitoring and medical surveillance) to be implemented to ensure that the plan is completely and properly implemented;
  5. A description of the specific health and safety training that provides to any persons involved with the Project and the minimum levels of training required; and
  6. The estimated cost, time schedule and assigned responsibility for implementing each component of the plan.