Daelim Group is engaged in engineering & construction and petrochemical operations. Daelim consists of 13 affiliates together with organizations devoted educational and cultural pursuits. Our group’s activities span building & housing construction, civil engineering, industrial facilities, petrochemicals, information & communications, automobiles, education and cultural activities. As such, we are closely involved in the lives of people inside and outside Korea. Our corporate philosophy stresses the ideal of improving people’s lives by offering customers the highest possible value.


lotteLotte Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd is a general contracting company engaged in construction of residential, commercial and infrastructure and industrial plant projects. Lotte executes projects through public aid based construction, development construction, build, operates and transfer and simply sub contract construction methods.

Lotte carries out research and development in technology management, safety and hygiene management and environmental management. Lotte has operations in the Middle East, Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.