Dear Guests!

It is an incredible pleasure for me to welcome you to Mira Power Limited’s website where you will have a moderately framed overview of our business and organization. For your perusal, the data and information provided on this website has been shaped in easy to understandable format enabling you to access the relevant information you are looking for, either relating to company’s vision, core values, project site community, project lenders, sponsors, company management or other stakeholders including Government organizations.

MPL is the proud subsidiary of Korea South East Power Company Limited (KOEN). KOEN acquired 102MW Gulpur Hydropower Project on 31st December 2012. After successful Financial Close on 30th October 2015 and achieving of Commercial Operation Date (CoD) on 10th March 2020 with the Joint Venture of leading Korean Companies (DL Holdings Co., Ltd. & Lotte Construction “EPC Contractor”) and under the supervision of renowned Consultants MWH (USA) and NESPAK, we are proactively engaged in economic growth of Pakistan through transmitting electricity to National Grid under power purchase agreement with Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G).

During this journey towards current success, Sponsors (KOEN, DL Holding and Lotte), Lenders (Korean-Exim Bank, IFC, ADB, CDC) and Government of Pakistan/ AJK always lent their uninterrupted support.

Mira Power Limited is subsidiary of KOEN, which is one of the leading companies in South Korea. Every investor, vendor and job-seeker dreams to work with KOEN. Likewise we have a clear vision to make the Mira Power Limited first choice for investors, vendors and job-seekers so that by 2030, MPL is a:

                                                              “Leading Company in Hydro Energy in Pakistan”

MPL is an equal opportunity provider and always prefer merit based selection in accordance with our comprehensive “Recruitment and Placement Policy” therefore, we are called “Mira Power Family” where every member is equal and on merit. In addition to portion prescribed on this website our vacancies are always announced on Pakistan’s best Job Search Engine with thoroughly elaborated details as to what kind of employee we require, so in case you are the person we are looking for, you can apply for the announced vacancy with full confidence.

Adding in nation building, we welcome fresh graduates for Internship in MPL either you are of Technical, Finance & Accounts or HR & Administration field. To seek internship in Mira Power Limited, fresh graduates are always welcome to apply through our website or against announced program. We also welcome fresh graduates to apply for internship in MPL via email which will enable us to update our CV/ Resume bank for prospective internship program(s).

Being developed in declared “National Park” Gulpur is a unique project in the history of Pakistan having both critically endangered and endangered species. I am feeling honored to share with you that we are implementing a comprehensive Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) under the supervision of our project lenders and with collaboration of Wildlife & Fisheries Department of AJK. You will find more details about our BAP on our website’s Environment & Social Section.

I want to share my utmost gratitude to all employees of MPL whose efforts have pushed the organization to become third ever IPP in hydropower sector of Pakistan which achieved commercial operations. I’m so glad to admit that every employee has put an extraordinary amount of efforts in all the accomplishments of this project. I further expect from all the employees of MPL to maintain this momentum in the future years, because I know your potential to boost the company forward with the same enthusiasm. My leadership revolves around the slogan “Success together, Fun together” with priority to “Safety”. I am of the firm belief that your safety comes first and is the key to ensure sustainable increase in marginal efficiency. I too believe that team appreciation is currency to the success; therefore, while offering my utmost cooperation and support in all working conducts, I want to appreciate your diligent work in a remarkable way.

For professionals including but not limited to prospective employees, government officials, media persons and research students we have tried to provide best possible project details on our website. Hope the details provided will serve your intended purpose of visiting our website.

Sincerely yours


Chief Executive Officer
Mira Power Limited