Biodiversity Action Plan” or “BAP” means the plan developed along with Environmental and Social Impact Assessment dated 12 October 2014 setting out specific biodiversity conservation measures to be undertaken by the Company and GOAJK, to enable the Project to comply with ADB’s SPS requirements for biodiversity conservation and projects in the critical habitat as well as IFC’s Performance Standard 6, as such BAP may be amended or supplemented from time to time. Detailed time bound action plan to satisfy SPS requirements with budget for the river biodiversity conservation with roles and responsibilities of the Company and the Government of AJK. The BAP is a time bound action plan constituting as a part of the Company’s legal commitments under this agreement with government of AJ & K.  The Government of AJK has granted an approval this updated BAP. The updated BAP includes:

  1. A Feasibility Assessment, reflecting the likelihood of the Pro2 scenario to occur, and including a sensitivity analysis (e.g. 50%, 40%, 30% reduction of 2013 non-flow related pressures)
  2. Metrics to measure and track abundance/population of Kashmir Catfish and Mahaseer fish in the project’s area of influence and to quantitatively evaluate if net gain is achieved for these two species over time.
  3. A Biodiversity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (BMEP) in order to validate the conditions set into SPS with respect to projects in critical habitat
  4. A draft Ecological Flow Management Plan.
  5. A detailed Mahaseer Hatchery rehabilitation and restocking program for fisheries and wildlife department.
  6. A Proposed road-map for the government to develop a National Park Management Plan and the Company’s technical and financial supporting plan for the Government of AJK to develop the Plan