Security Management Plan (SMP) describes the arrangement to be undertaken by the Company/Contractor to assure the security of the Project’s personnel and assets. This SMP defines procedures aligned with Prudent Industry Practices as those defined in the Performance Standards, be guided by the principles of proportionality and respect for human rights, avoidance and dispersion before confrontation, and be aligned with the Voluntary Principles on Security and  Human Rights.  This includes screening of potential guards, detailed operational procedures and training, equipment transfer/use, use of force procedures, proper supervision and incident reporting, and management of risks related to government led / own security forces, among others.

The Company/Contractor through a certified security expert performed a Security Risk Assessment (SRA). The SRA identified potential risks that our own and/or government-owned security arrangements may pose to those within and outside the Project Site, including the residents of the nearest towns.  Based on the SRA, the Company/Contractor presented a Security Management Plan (SMP) to assure that employees, sub-contractors, as well as physical assets are safe, under surveillance and in a controlled environment.  The SMP is:

  • site specific and comprehensive
  • corresponds to all identified security risks,
  • describes security risks and detailed response procedures,
  • aligned with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (, and
  • Assures that all security personnel, but especially those who will bear arms, are trained and operate consistently with such principles.
  • This plan includes an initial awareness workshop and site briefing for all employees