The visual identity of MPL was adopted on February 6, 2013. The graphical elements are based upon the research and the project developed in one month by MPL Management Committee under leadership of its CEO and BRICOM, a renowned design agency based in Republic of Korea.

To finalize the identity almost 15 designs were considered out of which one was chosen with re-arrangement of color combination. Resultantly, four visual identities with four color combinations were presented to the Management Committee wherein 80% of the participants voted in favor of finalized combination and 20% in favor of rest of the color combinations.

MPL is in the process of registering the logo with relevant Copy Rights authorities so that no unauthorized party can use it or interfere with MPL in use of it. We believe that if rights in relation to a logotype are correctly established and enforced, it can become a valuable intellectual property asset. The MPL logo is unique by the combination of the design of the image, name and form, which in combination constitutes the MPL Logo. This means that image and text are inseparable.

The logo mira-small of MPL is combination of image and text. The image is composed of two boxes with one character “P” starting from and finishing in blue box while looping in green box and throwing bright lines towards the boxes. The text is name of the company “Mira Power Limited”.

Both containing powerful energies of the nature; the blue box represents element of Water and green box represents Earth whereas combination of both represents change and transformation which are essential for growth. The character “P” in image represents Power and the bright lines generated from “P” represents lightening. So the image conveys a message of lightening while applying resources of the nature. The white lightning across “P” represents spillway, sluiceway and fishway.  

The font of the text is specially designed one and therefore can’t be reproduced. The text “Mira Power Limited” is registered name of the company denoting that the Mira Power Limited is a company limited by shares registered under the laws of Pakistan.


The logo of Mira Power Limited is property thereof. Its illegal, unauthorized use and alteration therein are strictly prohibited.

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