Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Han Seungnam joined Mira Power Limited as Chief Executive Officer in December 2021. He is a thorough professional with technical and business acumen and over 24 years of experience. He started his career at KEPCO in 1997 when he joined the Boryung Thermal Power Plant. He was elevated to Senior Manager at the Samchenpo Thermal Power Plant of KOSEP. After spending 2 years at Youngheung Thermal Power Plant, Mr. Han joined KOSEP’s newly established Overseas Division in 2012. Considering his business acumen, KOSEP deployed him as a Representative Officer in the Republic of Indonesia in 2014. He worked on the development of several business models and established ‘KOENSIA’, which is one of his biggest achievements. From 2019 to 2020, he was once again made part of the International Business Department of KOSEP, where he managed the development of various new power plants and led the international arbitration process. Before joining Mira Power Limited, he was involved in reviewing and leading projects on energy from waste in England as General Manager.

Mr. Han’s core competencies are international business development, the establishment of power plants, and resolving complex issues through negotiation, arbitration, or otherwise.

Mr. Han Seungnam graduated from Changwon National University with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (1990–1997). He also earned a Master’s degree in Power Generation Combustion Technology from Busan National University (2010–2012).

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Park Changmin joined Mira Power in December 2021 as CFO and internal auditor. In addition, Mr. Park is also responsible for implementing the company’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Policy in letter and spirit.

Mr. Park’s professional journey started at Lotte Foods Korea, where he was part of the Meat Processing Strategy Team. After spending two years at Lotte, in 2017, Mr. Park joined the KOSEP Overseas Business Team, where he became an integral part of the Finance Expert and Commercial Team.

Besides having rich commercial and financial acumen, Mr. Park’s educational background is also remarkable. He is a graduate of SungKyunKwan University with multiple bachelor’s degrees in business administration and French literature.

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Lee Seunghoon, a graduate from Andong National University South Korea, joined Mira Power Limited on January 16, 2024, as a Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Before joining Mira Power Limited, Mr. Lee served as Senior Manager in Gangnueng Power Division showcasing his technical and strong management capabilities.

Mr. Lee possesses strong analytical and organization skills and a demonstrated ability to lead a team of dynamic engineers. His diverse experience will help Mira Power Limited achieve key milestones and become a leading company in Hydro energy.

Nadim Ullah
General Manager (Strategic Planning and Business Relations)

Nadim Ullah joined Mira Power Limited as Manager in July 2012. At present, he is working as General Manager (Strategic Planning & Business Relations). Mr. Nadim is a commerce graduate with a Master’s in HRM and Business Administration and possesses 21 years of diversified work experience. He has been part of the leading telecom giant of Pakistan (PTCL) for 16 years, where he served in various departments of immense importance like HR & Administration, Project Management, Vendor Relations, Performance Audit & Policies, Inquiries, and Investigation. From August 2011 to June 2012, he remained associated with AHLN through its affiliate, AJCL, as Project Procurement & HR officer and Project coordinator. Mr. Nadim is the first fellow of Mira Power Limited who joined Korean Management on the first day of their arrival. Since his arrival, Mr. Nadim has played a pivotal role in all aspects of administration and HR. Due to his contribution, MPL has been equipped with highly professional HR and the rest of the office establishment.