With slogan “We are not A Team because we Work Together. We are a Team because We Respect, Trust and Care for each other.” Mira power limited conducted a Team building activity on Friday 10 Feb, 2017. In addition to providing opportunity to perform as team, the purpose of this activity was to enhance managerial skills of low-grade employees and inject participatory behavior in employees especially low-grade employees and support staff. During activities team members discovered effective ways to accomplish tasks while joining hands with each other.

Special activities were selected including Badminton, Table Tennis, Ring Throw, Spoon Running, Running after Dizziness, Blind pick, Darts, Rope Pulling and Airlock. An open air BBQ lunch was arranged where all employees irrespective of designation ate together.

To start the event CEO Mira Power Limited, Mr. Min Byeong Soo welcomed all the employees and emphasized on working and living the moment together.