Korea Energy (KOEN) is committed to contribute the economic social development while improving the quality of life and well-being of local community and society at large by implementing various social and philanthropic programs to help poor people. Education, health care, human resources development, conservation of nature, creation of social awareness and such other programs to redress human sufferings are some of the important areas where KOEN carries out its social and philanthropic activities. So this year KOEN as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has started a new initiative to treat children’s born with Cleft Lip and Palate defects.

Cleft lip is a birth defect that occurs when a baby’s lip or mouth does not form properly during pregnancy. In Pakistan, about 9000 children are born with clefts every year. Children with untreated clefts have difficulty in breathing, eating, and speaking.

Cleft surgery can give a hope to these children to have a second chance at leading a normal life. And so, this year KOEN has selected a child Mr. Faizan Babar born with a Cleft lip from Kotli AJ&K local community and send him to South Korea for treatment along with his parents.

The surgery was performed successfully at Korean National University Hospital. The child was received at International Islamabad Airport by Mira Power Limited staff (a subsidiary of KOEN).