During the monsoon flooding in September 2014, the Thalalot Bridge was washed away due to which the access to the community of villages across the river was seized. These villages include Ranjer Colony, Hill Kalan, Thalalot, Judheri, Dongi Sanoot, Hafiz Abad, Karoi with population of around 10 to 15 thousands people.

The GOAJK requested Mira Power Limited to provide its support for early construction of Thalalot Bridge. The Company agreed and started design and construction of the Bridge on higher benches (to avoid future flooding) and with wider span (the 2nd longest suspension bridge of AJ&K). Mira Power signed an agreement with GOAJK for the design and construction of bridge from its own funding.

Mira Power Limited successfully completed the bridge along with portion of link roads connected with the bridge on both side of the bridge and handed over it to GOAJK for its future operation and maintenance.

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan, Prime Minister of AJ&K appreciated the Mira Power Limited’s efforts for the community and welcomed the investment on Gulpur Hydropower Project from Korean consortium. He also request Korean’s for more investment in the State and promised full cooperation from the Government.

Chief Executive Officer Mira Power Limited, Mr. Min Byeong Soo on the occasion said it is legacy of Korea Energy to give importance to community to the best possible level. He also thanked the Honourable Prime Minister and government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and local community for their continued support for the gulpur hydropower project.